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Thrilled to have you here. 

I invite you to explore my life’s work.


The universe of my paintings is populated by real and/or imaginary beings, each wearing different characters that create a moment, a situation. These lead and invite the observer into action. I explore various themes, from folk tales to current issues, using a questioning tone. Human and botanical elements are always present in a bond between the terrestrial and the celestial.


My sculptures are somehow an extension of my paintings.

They allow me a different understanding of these, their existence becoming more real. While the paintings invite the observer in, with the sculptures, it is them who are invited into our world. I use different materials, wood, metals, fabric, paper etc. and I always enjoy new challenges.


To more intensely inhabit these places which are created. Other senses are revealed. Sometimes they exist and envelop the space with an ephemeral veil, other times they eventually become part of the space. I explore themes linked to a certain place or situation appearing as a bridge between the visible and the invisible. I use a variety of materials, from photography, video, objects and buildings.


From early on, my work has crossed paths with portraiture, and I am not certain whether the "settings/actions" that I created brought about the characters, often real ones, or if it is the very people that surround me and appear in my life that open up a whole new universe for me to record.
Each person is for me like a curious box that, once opened, reveals itself as unique and bursting with elements and feelings.

The arts serve humanity
and humanity serves the arts.

To Sow dazzlement
in the clouds and await
the monsoon

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